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June 2019 Oshirase

President’s Message

At the beginning of my term as JCCIH President, I wrote in the Oshirase:

Our members, and the relationships among our members are the strength of the JCCIH. I encourage all of you, our members, to:

 1) To meet other members. Attend Chamber events, and introduce yourself to other members you don’t yet know.

2) To spend time with members. Volunteer to help: to setup, to register guests, to clean up. Working alongside other members is an opportunity to build a relationship.

3) Accomplish things you could not do alone. Serve on a committee. Utilize your talent, skills, and resources to make great things happen for our Chamber and the community.

Now, nearing the end my term as President, my belief in the power of our relationships is confirmed. In the first 6 months as President, I was busy, but my progress seemed slow. I did my best to attend committee meetings and Chamber functions, and participate in community events. Through this period, I met and spent time with members and established relationships I will value for my lifetime.

In the last 6 months, things changed. I was still busy, but time passed more quickly. It seemed easier to get things done. Really, it was the resources from new and stronger relationships, that was helping me to accomplish things that I could not do alone.

As President, I am successful through the collective contribution of our members, committee chairs, directors, and officers. So I thank you all for your support throughout the year.

で (Okage Sama De) – “I am what I am because of you”

Steve Ueda
JCCIH, President



Welcome Kapua!

The Chamber is pleased to welcome Kapua Silva to her new position of Executive Assistant in the JCCIH office. Kapua will be working part time, and her office hours will be Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 1:30 pm. Kapua comes to us with 20 years of experience in both for profit and non profit organizations. She also brings a diverse set of customer service, office, HR, and accounting skills.





Remembering Dr. Norio Kaifu

The Founding Director of the Subaru Telescope and Professor Emeritus of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) passed away due to pancreatic cancer on April 13, 2019 at the age of 75.

Our memory of Dr. Norio Kaifu is more than just a scholarly individual and a man on a mission. To some of us who got to know him, we discovered that he was personable, candid and funny.

Some of us still remember our joint Chamber trip in October 1996 to visit the then nearly completed Subaru Telescope on the top of Mauna Kea Mountain. Dr. Kaifu proudly showed all of us the internal construction and explained the concept of this cylindrical shaped 8.3 meter (28 foot diameter) thin-lens mirror that was designed to look deep into our universe.  He was ready for “First Light”, which later occurred in January 1999.

He became a Japanese Chamber member soon after that and was the featured speaker at the March 1998 Quarterly General Membership Meeting. Those in attendance were spellbound. Many of us were amazed at the scope of the project, its technology and its economic impact on our community. This was soon followed up with a Goji Kara (After Five) social gathering at the Subaru base facilities in Hilo. There we learned that two, state of the art, Fujitsu super computers at the base facilities controlled every detail of the operation of the telescopes mirrors and that data could be quickly transmitted to Hilo and on Japan for further analysis.

Throughout his time in Hawaii, Dr. Kaifu maintained his relationship with our Chamber members and helped us host many guests and visiting dignitaries. We will always remember him as Subaru Telescope’s Founding Director and a former Chamber and community member. Although he is not with us, he remains in our hearts and minds and will always be a part of each new scientific discovery.

A hui hou. May we meet again within the infinite realm of our heavens.





Mayor and  Others Commemorate New Japanese Emperor

On May 1st, Japan’s last Emperor Akihito abdicated from the throne, and his son the New Emperor Naruhito ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne.  This is a truly historic event and has not taken place in over 200 years.

To commemorate the succession, the Japanese Consulate in Japan made a book available for Hawaii Island to sign.  Mayor Harry Kim, as well as others from Hawaii Island, were able to help welcome the start of the new Reiwa era and commemorate Japanese Emperor Naruhito by signing the book.  Art Taniguchi, Honorary Consul General of Japan in Hilo, wanted Mayor Kim to be the first to sign from Hawaii Island, followed by other leaders and members of our community.

Japan has its own calendar linked to the reign of each Emperor.  The Government of Japan announced Reiwa as the name for the new Japanese era, which began May 1.  The name of the new era is a combination of two characters in the Japanese language.  The first character (Rei) means “beautiful”, and the second (Wa) means “harmony”.  When combined together, the characters mean:
Culture will be nurtured as people bring their hearts together in a beautiful manner.




Goji Kara: Restorative Massage Clinic

Who knew you could have so much fun while getting a massage?  New member, Chris Musselwhite of Restorative Massage Clinic hosted a Goji Kara on May 16th.  The evening was filled with fellowship, laughter and fun as Chris made sure members had a great time with chair massages, wine, live music and pupus galore!

Restorative Massage Clinic offers a wide variety of massage options and therapists (including students), and can help ease your chronic pains and limited range of motion, or get rid of the daily stresses with a gentle touch.  They also second as a massage school.  Don’t have time to get out for a massage?  Want to treat your team at the office?  Chris will come to you.  Call him today for special rates on first time business visits at 315-7488.  Chris is offering a 20% discount to JCCIH members – please contact him for details.  Treat yourself!



Chamber members invited to send testimony on proposed Maunakea rules

The University of Hawaiʻi will hold public hearings on the latest draft of the proposed administrative rules to govern public and commercial activities on UH -managed lands on Maunakea on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Waiākea Elementary School and on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Waikoloa Elementary and Middle School. Chamber members are invited to attend and submit testimony in person at either meeting location or testimony can be emailed to by 5pm on Friday, June 7. Read more…



Imiloa Astronomy Center Navigator in Residence Kalepa Baybayan talks about why he supports astronomy
Imiloa Astronomy Center Navigator in Residence Kalepa Baybayan talks about why he supports astronomy. A science literacy advocate, he’s a strong supporter of astronomy because of the cross-pollination of new ideas that lead to technology that will benefit society. And as a native Hawaiian, Baybayan says his support of science and astronomy enhances his belief system. Read more…



Words of Wisdom

“Nowadays, people don’t feel happiness because you live a life filled with too much stuff. The happiness is not about getting everything you want. Thinking about what you have right now will make you happier than thinking about what you don’t have.”

– Hilo Daijingu Shrine’s “Kanji Makie Omikuji No. 23″
Submitted by Tommy Goya

New Members
Chris Musslewhite
Restorative Massage Clinic
25 Waianuenue Ave
Hilo, HI  96720


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