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October Oshirase 2018

President’s Message

In the previous Oshirase, I wrote “building relationships is a process that takes time and effort. First you meet, then spend time together, and finally, help each other to accomplish things you could not do individually.”

The Chamber’s mission statement affirms the importance of relationships to our Chamber:

“To promote the well-being of our community through business and personal relationships advancing the values of KAHIAU & OKAGE SAMA DE.”

Over the last three months, the JCCIH officers have spent time and effort to build relationships towards the JCCIH mission:

  • Among the JCCIH leadership:

In September, a group of 18 dedicated JCCIH officers, directors, past presidents, and committee chairs gathered for a strategic planning retreat. Over a day and a half, the group of leaders spent hours in lively discussions to establish the Chamber priorities for the next three years. At the end of the day, we gathered for a group dinner, fine beverages, and fellowship.

  • With officials from our Sister City in Yurihama, Japan

In August, a group of fourteen 8th and 9th grade students from Yurihama were hosted by families of students from Hilo Intermediate School. The students were accompanied by Yurihama Vice-Mayor Masanori Kamei, and several school and government officials. JCCIH officers and past presidents took the opportunity to host the Yurihama officials for a day of sightseeing, and several meetings over dinner.

  • With candidates for Federal, State of Hawaii, and Hawaii County races

In July, JCCIH announced endorsements for 18 candidates in the primary election. We are pleased that 16 of the endorsed candidates were successful in the primary. The JCCIH reaffirms our endorsement for those candidates in the general election on November 6.

Steve Ueda
JCCIH, President






Economic Development Committee

We are pleased to announce David Lassner, President of the University of Hawaii, is the speaker at our first general membership meeting luncheon, Wednesday, Nov. 21. Hawaii island is home to three campuses in the UH System: UH Hilo, and Hawaiʻi Community College, and Pālamanui.






Social & Cultural Committee


Aloha JCCIH members! The S&C committee has scheduled some great events in the coming months.

Nov. 13, Tuesday Hilo Medical Center will be hosting a Goji Kara and tour of new and renovated facilities.

HMC has launched programs and built facilities to improve healthcare in East Hawaii. Members will be treated to a tour of the new Hawaii Island Family Health Center, Cardiology Clinic, Hui Pono Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program, its renovated Food and Nutrition Services Department. The tour will also include the Imaging Department that houses the Chamber-supported Cardiac Cath Lab.  HMC will provide refreshments prepared by their chefs, along with a chance to sample Ornish-approved dishes. Mahalo to Dan Brinkmann, HMC CEO and JCCIH Director, for sharing your business with our members.

On Dec. 5, Wednesday, the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy will host a Goji Kara. The construction of the IfA facility at UH Hilo marked the beginning of astronomy on Hawaii Island. IfA will share their story, and present the incredible research being conducted at the IfA. Astronomy is a top priority for JCCIH and we believe that this event will help us build new relationships with an important member of our community.

Saturday, Dec.8, save the date for a Winter Wonderland Party scheduled on. It will be fun! More details to come.





Hawaii Community College News


Hawai’i CC Seeks Your Support During Accreditation

Accreditation ensures the continued quality and integrity of the education Hawai’i Community College delivers, and you have an opportunity to lend your voice during the accreditation process this month. There’s an online format and two upcoming open forums. See this link for more information. Mahalo for your support!






Maunakea Management Board News


UH Board of Regents Approve New Maunakea Management Board Members

The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents recently approved the appointments of six members of the community-based Maunakea Management Board –Roberta Chu, Julie Leialoha, Kepā Maly, Alapaki Nahale-a, Doug Simons and Barry Taniguchi.The Maunakea Management is comprised of seven members from the community who are nominated by the UH Hilo Chancellor and approved by the UH Board of Regents.  The volunteer members represent a cross-section of the community and serve as the community’s voice providing input on operations and activities, developing policies, reviewing and providing recommendations for land uses planned for Maunakea. Read more…






TMT News

TMT Sponsors Camp for Puna Keiki 

Camp Laniakea, developed to allow keiki in the Puna Emergency Shelters to learn, dream, play and explore, enrolled approximately 30 students in grades K-12, to experience enriching STEM educational experiences during weekends in August. Hawaii Science & Technology Museum, an educational non-profit public charity dedicated to science, technology, engineering and math education on Hawaii Island oversaw Camp Laniakea with volunteers from the Thirty Meter Telescope and Gemini Observatory. Read more…






Words of Wisdom

“Big Rocks First!”  “Focus on your family and home and everything else will fall into place!”

~ Tommy Goya






New Members

Brett Hosaka
Duane Hosaka
Merrick Nishimoto

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