JCCIHWhy should I join?

As a member you will have the opportunity to be part of creating a sustainable economic environment by participating in community events that impact life on our island and tell the stories of what’s happening here.  Our members make a difference by working to improve the quality of life here; they also receive exposure through our directories, social events and website. 

Who can join?

Any person of good repute engaged in any business, profession, agriculture, industry, or is self-employed, or owns property within the County of Hawai‘i, or who is actively interested in the welfare and advancement of the Big Island shall be eligible for membership in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Hawai‘i. 

How much does membership cost?

Regular Member
Base = $150  Optional Political Action Committee $15
Total = $165
Non-profit Organization
Base = $100  Optional Political Action Committee $15
Total = $115
Government Employees, Government Agencies, Sponsoring Individuals
Base = $100  Optional Political Action Committee $15
Total = $115
Retiree Total = $85
Spousal (no voting power) Total = $80

You can find more information on the Membership Page.

How long is my membership valid for?

Membership is valid for one year.

When are your events?

All year long!  Check our Events Page for what’s coming up. Click here to view our Events & News >

Am I required to serve on a committee?

We would love your participation but it is not a requirement. 

I live/work in (fill in the blank) and can’t always make the meetings or events.  Can I still be a member?

Absolutely!  Members appreciate knowing that they are making a difference in their communities even if they aren’t able to make it to meetings or special events.  Join us and be part of a community that makes things happen!

Do you have to live/work in East Hawai’i to join?

No, all residents of Hawai’i County are welcome.